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Giveaway – Slovak version

Company Information:

Izardis s.r.o.

Gorkého 12, 811 01 Bratislava – Staré Mesto,

Slovak Republic,

Business ID (IČO): 53 303 385,

VAT ID (IČ DPH): SK2121355291 (hereinafter referred to as “Operator”)


1.These competition rules govern the relationship between participants and the Operator. By participating in the competition announced by the Operator, participants express their agreement with these rules, as well as with the rules and conditions of the competition stated in the competition announcement (posted on social networks Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and on the Operator’s website and commit to complying with them.

2.The Operator’s social networks include the Operator’s account on the Instagram platform, under the name; the Operator’s account on the Facebook platform, under the name; and the Operator’s account on the TikTok platform, under the name (hereinafter referred to as “Operator’s social networks”).

3.The Operator’s application refers to the Reel Squad application available on Google Play and the App Store.


1.The competition takes place worldwide, in the online space, through social networks and the Operator’s application (hereinafter referred to as the “venue of the competition”).


1.A participant can be a natural person registered on the social network Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok with an active account on any of these social networks throughout the competition and who meets the specified competition rules (hereinafter referred to as “participants”). Participants must adhere to all rules of using Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok social networks and the rules of using the Operator’s application.

2.Only individuals aged 18 or older can participate in the competition.

3.Participants are allowed to enter the competition through their authentic profile on the social network Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, and their authentic account in the Operator’s application once during the entire competition period.


1.The duration of the competition is specified in the competition announcement. The competition is considered announced upon the publication of the competition announcement on the Operator’s social networks.


1.Competition conditions are stated in the competition announcement published on the Operator’s social networks.

2.After evaluating the competition, the Operator will select a total of 5 winners from participants who meet all the competition conditions.

3.Each winner will receive a voucher worth €400 for shopping at, Drahobejlova 2515/18, 190 00, Praha 9, Czech republic. The Operator will inform the winners the day after the end of the competition.

4.The results will be published on the Operator’s website,, in the blog section. The winner will then be contacted through a private message sent to the social network through which they participated in the competition. The Operator will request the winner to provide delivery details for prize delivery.

5.The winner must claim the prize (by providing the delivery address as per the above point) no later than 7 days from receiving the message (notification of the win as per the above point) by responding to the Operator’s message.

6.If the winner does not respond within the specified period, the Operator may, at its discretion, conduct an additional draw to select another participant who has fulfilled all competition conditions or cancel the competition.

7.The Operator will send the prize to the winner at its own expense within 30 days of receiving the winner’s delivery address.

8.The prize is forfeited if a violation of these rules by the winner is discovered at any time before the prize is awarded.

9.If, for any reason on the winner’s part, it is not possible to deliver the prize using the provided delivery details, the winner must reimburse the Operator for the unnecessary postage and packaging costs.

10.Participation in the competition or the prize cannot be legally enforced.

11.Any objections to the course of the competition can be sent to the Operator via a private message on the Operator’s social networks, but no later than the working day following the day of the competition evaluation.

12.Individuals who do not meet the conditions for participation in the competition or act in violation of the rules will not be included in the competition.

13.If such an individual becomes a winner despite this (e.g., due to duplicate accounts on a social network), the prize will not be awarded to that person.

14.The Operator reserves the right to exclude a participant whose behavior or profile on a social network or in the Operator’s application shows signs of illegality, unfair or fraudulent conduct.

15.The Operator also reserves the right to exclude a participant from the competition whose behavior or profile on a social network or in the Operator’s application violates the rules of using that social network or the Operator’s application.

16.The Operator of the competition is not responsible for any technical problems related to participation in the competition (especially the functionality of the social network). If, for any reason on the winner’s part, it is not possible to deliver the prize using the provided delivery details, the winner must reimburse the Operator for the unnecessary postage and packaging costs.

17.The Operator is not obliged to attempt redelivery of the prize to the winner if the winner does not provide the correct delivery address and does not cover the specified costs.


1.The processing of participants’ personal data is governed by and participants’ personal data are processed in accordance with the privacy principles of the Operator’s application.

2.The delivery details of the winners provided by the Operator will be used exclusively for the purpose of prize delivery and will not be further processed in any information system, except for the Operator’s internal system used to record mail or, if necessary, in the internal system used to record the accounting documentation.

3.The Operator processes the provided delivery details on the legal basis corresponding to the fulfillment of a legal requirement (prize delivery) or a legal obligation, for a period of 2 years unless special regulations prescribe different archival periods (see in particular the Archive and Registry Act and the Accounting Act, which, in relation to the Operator’s accounting documentation, establish a 10-year archiving obligation – unless the provided delivery details are for some reason to become part of the Operator’s accounting documentation).

4.The Operator does not provide the winner’s provided delivery details to any other persons, except to the provider of standard software equipment (following the technical operation of the Operator’s mail or accounting records), the processor (or intermediary) of the Operator’s accounting records (in case postal evidence is to become part of the Operator’s accounting documentation for some reason), and the postal service provider.

5.Providing delivery details is voluntary, and not providing this information results in the necessary impossibility of delivering the prize to the successful participant.

6.The provided delivery details are processed without their transfer to third countries (including the USA).

7.The data subject has the right to: (i) request access to processed personal data under Article 15 of the GDPR; (ii) the right to rectify and supplement personal data under Article 16 of the GDPR; (iii) the right to erase personal data under Article 17 of the GDPR; (iv) the right to restrict the processing of personal data under Article 18 of the GDPR; (v) the right to notify facts to another operator under Article 19 of the GDPR; (vi) the right to data portability under Article 20 of the GDPR; (vii) the right to object under Article 21 of the GDPR; (viii) the right not to be subject to automated individual decision-making under Article 22 of the GDPR, and further the right to file a complaint/petition/proposal to initiate proceedings with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic in accordance with § 100 of the Personal Data Protection Act or to file a complaint directly with the relevant court.

8.The Operator does not carry out processing operations with the provided delivery data that would lead to decisions with legal effects or any other significant impact on the winner.

9.All personal data of the competition participant will be stored only for the period necessary to fulfill the Operator’s obligations and to protect their rights.


1.The Operator reserves the right to change, cancel, or otherwise modify the competition and prizes at any time during the competition.

2.The Operator of the competition is not responsible for any damages or any property or non-property losses caused by the preparation or implementation of any competition activities, participation in the competition, or winnings in the competition or related to them.

3.The Operator of the competition is not responsible for any loss, non-delivery, delay, or damage to the prize in the event of postal transportation.

4.The Operator is not responsible for any material or legal defects in the prize. The competition is in no way sponsored, managed, or associated with any of the social networks.

5.Each participant, by participating in the competition, releases individual social networks through which they participate from all obligations related to it, as stated in the terms of the social network.

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