General Terms and Conditions

1. The company izardis s.r.o., registered office: Gorkého 12, Bratislava – Old Town 811 01, ID: 53 303 385 (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), declares that it is a duly registered business entity under the applicable legal regulations of the Slovak Republic in the Commercial Register of the Bratislava III District Court. Its business activities are conducted in accordance with the registered scope of business (hereinafter referred to as the “mediator”).
2. The software providing online services in the digital sphere is the exclusive property of the mediator.
3. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) regulate legal relationships arising from the results of the creative activities of the company izardis s.r.o., governing the use and access to software serving digital services involving the mediation of file publication and sale/purchase. Unless otherwise specified in these GTC, the mediator’s online services in the digital sphere are provided as is.
4. For the purpose of providing services under these GTC, the mediator is authorized to collect, process, and archive personal data of individuals interested in receiving the service to the necessary extent in accordance with legal regulations.
5. Access to the web interface, mobile application, and subsequent use of the services and benefits derived from them are available to individuals who have reached the age of 18 and legal entities obligated to adhere to these GTC. To access, it is necessary to create an account using an email address, which serves for communication with the mediator.
6. Account registration is free of charge, and its validity is not conditioned by regular logins. Account blocking or deactivation by the mediator’s software occurs only in case of violation of the rules set forth in the use of services under these GTC and the law.
7. The account owner is responsible for all activities carried out through their account. Providing the account to third parties, circumventing any limitations set by the mediator, encouraging illegal, harmful, threatening, defamatory behavior that interferes with the privacy of third parties, or any other inappropriate actions are strictly prohibited. Impersonating a third party, attempting to block, destroy, or damage other advertisements, disrupting or hindering another provider or user from using the mediator’s services, or otherwise violating the law is prohibited.
8. The mediator undertakes not to interfere with the files except for the right not to publish a file in case of inappropriate content. The mediator will access, listen to, and display the file in accordance with the law and for the agreed-upon purpose. The mediator may react to the file, request modification, investigate and prevent fraud, ensure protection, address technical issues, and more.
9. The mediator guarantees immediate financial transactions in relation to both the user and the provider in accordance with the rules of the mediator’s online services in the digital sphere. The mediator is not responsible for the accuracy of data provided for the execution of payments for the mediator’s services.
10. Anyone deciding to publish a video, ad, recording, slogan, or similar contribution (hereinafter referred to as a “file”) on the mediator’s platforms is considered a provider. The provider is responsible for the content of the file, which must comply with ethical and legal standards. The provider acknowledges that by publishing the file, they agree to its publication in the interface defined by the mediator. This service is free of charge for an unlimited period or until the user purchases the file under the conditions specified in these GTC.
11. The provider provides the file with the understanding that its quality will be reduced during publication for the prevention of misuse and will have a watermark. The full quality of the file will be available exclusively to the specific user after their purchase.
12. Throughout the publication, the provider is the owner of the file and can freely deal with it: modify, edit, or download it until its purchase.
13. The provider agrees to the publication of the reduced video even after its purchase for other users, exclusively for viewing, inspiration, and entertainment purposes.
14. Anyone expressing interest in obtaining any file from a provider or providers through the mediator will publish an advertisement, contest, or similar format (hereinafter referred to as “advertisement”) to create a file tailored to their instructions. Advertising is free of charge.
15. Through the mediator, the user can contact an unlimited number of providers for the purpose of creating a file tailored to their instructions through advertising. Advertising is free.
16. In the case of selecting a specific file, this selection is considered a purchase with immediate online payment to the mediator’s payment interface.
17. The user agrees to increase the offered price by a commission for the mediator amounting to 10% of the user’s specified price. In the case of a form of compensation other than financial for the provider, the mediator’s commission is determined as a fixed amount of …€. In such a case, the mediator is not responsible for the realization of the offered non-financial compensation for the provider. The provider and the user acknowledge that the full provision of the file will occur only upon payment

of the mediator’s commission.
18. The provider and the user guarantee not to infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party. If the mediator becomes aware of such or similar infringement, it reserves the right to remove the file or advertisement, without assuming any responsibility for the removal.
19. The provider and the user undertake to use the mediator’s software for providing defined services responsibly without copying or modifying it.
20. The mediator is responsible for the proper operation of its online services, except in cases of force majeure events. In the event of any technical limitations on the mediator’s side, it is obliged to make maximum efforts to remove them promptly. However, these circumstances do not establish the mediator’s liability for any damages associated with the use of its online services (temporary unavailability, delayed financial transactions to the provider outside the mediator’s digital sphere, interface updates, software maintenance, etc.).
21. The mediator reserves the right to change the GTC, and the provider and the user acknowledge that the GTC take precedence over legal provisions regulating such or similar relationships and are binding.
22. Legal relationships between the parties and these GTC shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Slovak law.
23. In the event of any dispute, the parties undertake to notify the other party in writing, initiate negotiations with sufficient advance notice, and make maximum efforts to resolve the dispute by agreement.
24. Disputes that cannot be resolved according to the above point will be resolved by filing a lawsuit in the general court of the mediator.
25. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, either party is entitled to submit a proposal to initiate proceedings to the general court of the mediator.